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"Reaching people for Christ: Helping people out of poverty into a sustainable future."

Presents for the Future

Charity Gifts that make a difference

Whether you buy a pig, school supplies or a Dreambus trip, charity gifts have a huge impact on the lives of people living in poverty in Eastern Europe.

How Presents for the Future works

  1. Pick your gift and add it to your shopping basket
  2. We'll send you a gift card and magnet to pass on to the person for who you've bought the gift.
  3. Your donation will be used to support some of the poorest communities in Europe.

Do you actually provide the gift I have chosen to a family/individual?

All of the gifts featured on our shop pages are part of MWB's work. When you make a purchase you're making a donation that is spent on ensuring the basic needs of families are met, that they have access to education and training, that spiritual services are available and families are supported to become self-sufficient. Your donation is used where the need is greatest and you can be confident that it is being utilised in the best and most effective way to help families out of poverty.

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Price:  £4.00

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Bible Distribution

Feodor explains perfectly: "The Holy Bible is very important for me. It is the Book of Books that helps us live in harmony and love one another. Everyone should have a Bible." 



Price:  £4.00

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Chirpy Chickens

Chickens are brilliant - one hen can lay up to 200 eggs a year, providing essential protein for all the family, and a source of income.

As Viorel says:

"It's all about the chickens - they provide enough eggs for the whole community, it's amazing!" 

Homework Club 3

Price:  £5.00

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Happy Homework Club

We'll let Eduard tell you:

"Sometimes I feel lonely when I am home but I get excited about going to the club and I'm not scared anymore. I love having time with the other kids - it makes me feel good being here."


It's £5 for a week of homework club. Add four to your basket and you could help provide homework club for a month!


Price:  £5.00

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Soup and Sanctuary

There are many homeless people in Eastern Europe. They're forgotten and marginalised. We provide hot soup and share the Word of God with them; remembering that He loves us all dearly. 

A Hot Meal

Price:  £7.00

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A hot meal

Help make sure a family does not have to choose between the two most basic needs - food and warmth


School Supplies 2012

Price:  £8.00

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School Supplies for a month

Children have access to school but their family can't afford any of the supplies needed to support their education so they miss out. We provide backpacks, coloured pencils, textbooks and everything children need to make the most of their schooling. 



Bible Correspondence 2

Price:  £10.00

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Bible Correspondence Course

Improve children's literacy while learning about God's love. A beautiful gift. 

MD 105704_1_The New Dreambus

Price:  £12.00

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Dreaming of Dreambus

Raise aspirations and provide experiences children in poverty would not otherwise have. Dreambus trips offer vital escapes from an institution or family pressures. Children have trips to parliament, museums, their country's capital city, eat out in a restaurant and other exciting new experiences. 


Child Snow Boots

Price:  £15.00

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Children's Snow Boots

Help children beat the severe eastern European winters

Beautiful Bedding 2

Price:  £15.00

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Beautiful Bedding

When you have only one room in your house, your bed and your sofa are the same thing and the whole family sleeps together, good quality, warm bedding is vital.

Seeds Of Hope

Price:  £15.00

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Seeds of Hope

One box of seeds means vegetables for a whole family. In time, a small vegetable patch becomes a micro-enterprise and provides enough vegetables to sell. A truly wonderful gift.



New Mums 2

Price:  £20.00

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Healthy Mums

Give new mums and their babies the start they deserve. A visit from a local co-ordinator and an essential care package helps secure the emotional and physical wellbeing of this vulnerable group. 


Prison Care

Price:  £20.00

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Praying for Prisoners

Many prisoners have had complex lives and have lost their way. This gift is a carepack filled with essential self-care items and a visit from a co-ordinator who prays with offenders and works to reignite their faith in God. 


Adult Snow Boots

Price:  £30.00

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Adult Snow Boots

Many families live in isolated rural communities. When the snow comes, it is fierce and bitter. Adequate footwear is expensive and unaffordable to most. Snow boots mean children and their parents are able to leave the house, walk to school and go to work.


Handtools 2

Price:  £40.00

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Happy Hand Tools

Tending crops is tremendously difficult when you have no tools. Make hands happy with a set of hand tools that enable a family to work their land and provide for themselves. 


Price:  £50.00

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Essential English

Learning English is a vital skill for young people in Eastern Europe and it significantly improves their employability in the future. This is the cost for one young person to attend an English course at one of our community centres. 


Price:  £60.00

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Piggies and Piglets

This isn't just any pig - it is a pig that provides the opportunity to develop skills in animal farming, gain an income and have access to essential food.


Computer Traini

Price:  £60.00

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Conquering Computers

Send a young person on a computer training course and open up a whole new future for them.


Price:  £65.00

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Creative Catering

Catering courses offer young people a skill for life. It's confidence boosting and gives young people the chance to let their creative flair show. 

Wood For Fuel

Price:  £80.00

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Wondrous Wood

Most families still rely on wood to heat their homes and fuel their stoves. We source our wood sustainably and it's transported locally so this gift gives an extra boost to the local economy too. 


Farming 3

Price:  £100.00

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Farming for a Future

Many of the communities in which we work are rural. Farming and agricultural courses provide a lifelong opportunity for young people and help build the strength of the whole community. Setting up an agricultural business in the future provides employment and supplies to the local community too. 

Puppet Theatre

Price:  £100.00

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Puppet Ministry

The excitement of seeing a puppet show for the first time enriched with the opportunity to hear about God. This is a fantastic gift for a child living in an orphanage that feels lonely and forgotten. 


Cows 3

Price:  £650.00

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Cows Create

A cow will give a family milk, butter and cheese to help improve their diet, reduce their food bills and give them something to sell or exchange for 

Scholarship 2

Price:  £700.00

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Scholarships that Inspire

Today's school children are tomorrow's engineers, doctors and teachers. But for a talented young person leaving a children's home in Eastern Europe, or from a family with little income, access to higher education is just a dream. Help a young person fulfil their potential with a scholarship that covers living costs, books and equipment.


Price:  £2,000.00

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Glorious Greenhouse

Help a family build a greenhouse and they will create a sustainable future.