Will you help us grow seeds of hope and love this Lent?

This Lent, Mission Without Borders UK is stepping out in faith and committing to raise £10,000 for vulnerable families and children living in poverty through our Seeds of Hope programme. We want to help these families become more self-sufficient by providing training and equipment that will help them to break free from the cycle of poverty.

For many who rely on farming this can mean providing fertiliser and seeds to plant in the hope of a successful harvest in the coming months, along with equipment, such as a motorised cultivator, to expand their productivity.

One of the farmers we help told us, “I look at the land, which has not been cultivated for decades and I feel sadness and passion about it. If we had the right equipment, we’d be able to cultivate hectares.” These heartfelt and poignant words make us all more determined to do what we can this Lent.

We would like to support as many people as we can this Lent and Easter. A gift of £25 would cover the cost of a plough attachment; a gift of £50 could pay for a battery or cylinder block; and a gift of £100 would cover the cost of a fuel tank. Whatever you can give, it all helps. 



Give the gift of hope and love