Share the love of Christ this Winter

All of us at MWB are passionate about the practical difference we can make in people’s lives – that despite all the efforts of poverty to isolate and rob children and families of every aspect of hope, we can create opportunities for people to thrive and not just survive and to share the hope that is found in Jesus Christ.

One such family who believe in that better future is the Bernaz family. Mykola and Nataliya Bernaz live in a village in Sarny, Western Ukraine with their children. Mykola has a job as a stoker at the local school and his low wages mean the family struggles to afford everyday necessities, especially in winter when the cost of firewood sends their bills soaring.

Mission Without Borders’ (MWB) saw the family struggling to earn enough to survive day to day and enrolled them on its family sponsorship programme.

The family has not only been provided with firewood by MWB, but also with with food, hygiene items, furniture, building materials, clothing, footwear and Christian literature.

This help depends entirely on the kindness of gifts from friends and supporters who believe in our mission and want to support the most vulnerable over the harsh winters in Eastern Europe – those living on the streets, the elderly and families who cannot make ends meet and are unable to pay for winter fuel.

The cost of providing winter fuel costs around £75. Any help you can give to enable us to help other families like the Bernaz family, who live in desperate poverty, is hugely appreciated.



Give the gift of hope and love