“My mother left last year… When I look at the family photo, I just feel sadness.” - Victoria, 12.

Victoria and her sister Christina live in a village in Moldova. Their mother left them over two years ago so they now do all the household chores, as their father works long hours. Our centre in Palanca helps Victoria and 24 other children from broken or dysfunctional homes. Here they receive the love and support lacking in their home lives.  A warm meal, games they can play in the yard, help with homework, listening to Bible lessons.

“I like to do my lessons at the centre”, said Victoria. “Everyone treats me well here. I am surrounded by children, whereas at home, I feel lonely and I don’t even have a desk.”

At the Mission’s centre Victoria feels supported and loved. “My favourite thing here is hearing about God. I want to ask God into my heart. Before, I used to use bad language if people used it towards me. But when you start to come here and hear about God, the bad habits fade away.”

Working with the local church who help with volunteers and space for the centre, . 5 days a week in addition to individual tutoring at failing subjects and a place to do homework, a warm lunch is served and children have more energy for daily activities and are happier.

All this depends on donations from friends and supporters. It costs £83 a month to provide 25 children like Victoria with a warm meal 5 days a week in the Soup Kitchen at Palanca in Moldova



Give the gift of hope and love