Bring the gift of joy to a child like Georgiana this Easter

Easter is a big time for celebrating and feasting in Romania. In the Orthodox community, it’s considered more important than Christmas. Friends and families join together to eat a traditional Easter meal with lamb, symbolising Jesus, the Lamb of God. There are dyed red eggs to remind people that Jesus shed his blood for their sins. Romanians also love to share their special Easter bread known as ‘Pasca’ (meaning ‘Easter’). This sweet, soft, enriched yeast bread has a white cheese filling that represents the resurrection of Jesus.

But poverty, especially in rural areas among the Roma communities, excludes many families from joining in the festivities at this special time of the year. That’s why we’re inviting you to help us share the true message of Easter with a family like Georgiana’s, living in poverty.

For as little as £5, you can enable MWB to deliver a loaf of freshly baked bread to a family living in poverty in time to celebrate together on Easter morning. Your gift will help us share bread that can last far beyond Easter Day.



Give the gift of hope and love