This Summer YOU can be a lifeline to children facing anxiety, isolation and fear

While the impact of COVID-19 on our daily lives here is very serious, we are growing more concerned each day about its impact on young children and families the Mission work with in Eastern Europe and we are asking for your help. For many children their lives are already full of deprivation and despair, with a daily battle for families being to put a meal on the table. The pandemic has made things far worse, with increased unemployment and poor nutrition resulting in a higher incidence of contracting the virus amongst marginalised and vulnerable families including the Roma, as recently highlighted by an article in the British press.

In the light of the pandemic, we have revised our plans, to ensure the care and safety of the children we work with. As a result, we have made the painful decision to postpone the Summer Camps we usually hold in July and August.

The summer camps are hugely popular and create unforgettable memories for the children who attend and it breaks our hearts to do this. However, we are determined that, with your help in 2020, we will remain a lifeline to children whose lives are often grim, bleak and desolate. We are committed to transforming the lives of children by creating childhood memories that will last a lifetime; helping them to build skills that will help them in everyday life; providing environments where they can develop lasting friendships; and giving them the opportunity to encounter the truth of God’s word. With this in mind, while the summer camps are being postponed, we plan to organise alternative children’s activities either through one-to-one support, in smaller groups, through day outings or, if possible, camps the Mission can organise later in the year.

We can only do this through your help – we are entirely reliant on you, churches around the country and approaches to charitable trusts to cover these costs. Every Childhood Matters and you can help us ensure children are able to join in, to learn, to explore and have fun and to know more about Jesus.

Thank you again for caring and for helping; we really do appreciate all you do.



Give the gift of hope and love