Help Support our Relief Work in Albania

A devastating earthquake struck Albania on Tuesday November 26. Rescuers continue to look for survivors as subsequent after shocks add to the damage. The official statistics say that fifty-one people have been killed and 2000 injured and 4000 made homeless in Albania’s worst earthquake in decades, and hundreds of buildings destroyed.  Sadly, the number of fatalities is likely to rise as the response and rescue work continues.

Our programme staff are out in the community supporting affected families and distributing much needed help including food and hygiene items. The emotional and spiritual support they provide is also vital at such a time of crisis.

We are working alongside the Evangelical Alliance and other aid agencies such as the Red Cross who have been mobilised to respond to this disaster.

Currently we are distributing the food, clothing and hygiene items that we have available, in addition a lorry of goods is currently being prepared to be sent from our International warehouse in Romania with additional relief supplies.  More will be sent as soon as we can assess what is most needed.



Give the gift of hope and love