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"Reaching people for Christ: Helping people out of poverty into a sustainable future."

Act now to help people in Ukraine


Vulnerable communities suffer

Throughout Ukraine, people already living in poverty are now experiencing worse conditions than ever. Fundamental rights to food, shelter, education - and simply to earn a living - are severely damaged. Renewed fighting in 2017 has once more brought chaos and suffering to Ukrainians, including forced evacuations of communities in freezing weather as power outages and severe food shortages put many thousands at risk.

1.6 million Ukrainians have been internally displaced by the conflict - with many sheltering in abandoned buildings or sleeping on the streets. It's estimated that 3.1 million Ukrainains are in need of humanitarian assistance, with many in areas affected by the conflict.

Families across the country are suffering from lack of food and fuel as prices continue to increase. Unofficial figures suggest that around 30% of the population are unemployed. The impact on children is devastating. Many are orphaned or displaced - left vulnerable to hunger and without adequate shelter - and with schools being shelled, they're missing out on vital education.


What is Mission Without Borders doing?

MWB is working closely with its partners in Ukraine to provide emergency aid (photos above). We have provided support to Luhansk Regional Hospital and building materials to the many people whose homes have been destroyed by the conflict. Among our current priorities is providing materials to repair roofs in Avdiyivka where heavy shelling recently cut off the town's water and electricity, forcing an evacuation of residents.

Your donation could provide essential aid  to support people in Ukraine by:

  • Delivering materials to repair homes and building destroyed by shelling
  • Delivering emergency goods, including food, clothing, nappies, bedding and bottled water.
  • Delivering fuel to help families keep warm.
  • Providing access to hygiene goods and medical care.
  • Training local students and families in vocational and agricultural projects to increase their ability to recover from the crisis over the long term. 

If we raise more funds than required for our current programme in Ukraine, we'll use your donation where it is most needed to help some of the poorest people in eastern Europe.