"I know Jesus loves me and he hears me when I pray."

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Spaska, 12, lives with her father and his family in Gotse Dolchev, a town in southwestern Bulgaria. The family battled poverty for a long time until they were enrolled on Mission Without Borders’ (MWB) family sponsorship programme.
However, it was at summer camp that Spaska understood the gospel and accepted Jesus as her Lord and Saviour.
Spaska said, “When I first heard about God, I didn’t understand a lot of things. I was preoccupied thinking about the games with my friends and how I was seen by the other children.
“Every evening in the summer camp we had a missionary story. The leaders presented to us the life of a boy from Mexico, how he heard the story of Jesus and how his life was changed.
“On the last night of the missionary story, we were invited to give our lives to Jesus. I was one of the kids who responded to that call. The leader was praying and we were repeating his words. I was crying because I realised how bad I’d been.
“I used to use swear words I’d learned from my grandma to make people laugh. I was trying to be funny and the centre of attention, but I realised that this behaviour offended God. I remembered how during the lessons at the camp, I’d talk to the other kids and try to distract them, on purpose, so they wouldn’t listen to the speaker.
“After the prayer I felt peace in my heart like a child of God and that’s why that night was so special for me and for the other kids who accepted Jesus as their Saviour. I love singing but my dad who is a musician says that I don’t have the talent. But I learned every song from the camp’s songbook. While we were traveling back home on the bus I sang with all my heart without worrying about whether it was out of tune. I was so happy and I felt like I was on cloud nine. I am а child of God!
“I found something so special – Jesus loves me! At summer camp I listened carefully and I understood about the fruit of the Holy Spirit – forgiveness, love, patience and obedience. Now I read the Bible and pray because I know He hears me.”

£11 could over all the costs of a day's camp or outing for a child; a gift of £25 could go towards personal care and hygiene materials; while a gift of £55 could cover all the costs of a day's camp or outing for 5 children.

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Young people attended one of our Summer Camps in 2019. This year, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, we want to make the summer of 2020 as special as we can for as many young people as possible!



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