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"Reaching people for Christ: Helping people out of poverty into a sustainable future."


The latest from our field countries and UK supporters.


A Thrilling Trip

13 July 2018

"I had never been on a train and I was thrilled. I was glad I could see it and touch it. It was a wonderful experience...

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Summer Camp in Romania

17 May 2018

In July 2017, a team of volunteers from Australia flew to Romania to help with MWB's Summer Camps and to learn about MWB's many projects including the Greenhouse project, the Family to Family programme, the laundry project, After School programme, Child Rescue International (CRI) and health and...

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Prayer Diary Spring 2018

26 February 2018


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Albania Gives Thanks for Billy Graham!

22 February 2018

The life and work of Billy Graham is being celebrated by Mission Without Borders Albania with the news of his passing away this week. Billy Graham's books and sermons have been a great blessing to MWB Albania, guiding them as they share the gospel and teach others who Jesus Christ is and what...

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A Year in the Field!

01 February 2018

<img src="/media/1917216/Monika-foto_467x350.jpg" width="467" height="350" alt="Monika...

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God Changed My Heart!

15 December 2017

Three-year-old Gyula has asthma and is admitted to hospital almost every month. Where the little girl lives with her parents, the weather is very harsh, and her mother says it is the reason for her illness. Gyulsherin said, "It is very windy in autumn and snows heavily in winter. It is not p...

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Not afraid of winter: the Dubceacs

08 December 2017

Winter is coming. As the days grow colder and families in rural Moldova anticipate the snowfall, those living in poverty shiver at the thought of coping with the freezing weather and all the hardship and extra challenges it brings. &nbsp; The Dubceacs have battled poverty all their lives - an...

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My heart for mission: Introducing Jos Downey - UK National Manager

01 December 2017

I was born in Northern Ireland, where my father was the pastor of a church. Like many kids, I had plenty of questions, and it was as a result of questioning my parents about God and Christianity that, at a young age, I prayed a prayer giving my life to Jesus. This was the beginning of a journ...

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The void in our hearts is filled – a story of two baptisms

30 November 2017

&nbsp; "It was a terrible time. A time when I lost hope as well as all my friends. I hit rock bottom. I was surrounded with darkness," Vesna said. Vesna felt terribly alone. S...

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Surviving war and winter in Glamoc: Kata’s story

23 November 2017

Kata Blazevic was once a well-paid clerk, living a happy life and able to afford small luxuries for her family. But then in 1992, war broke out in Bosnia-Hezegovina, and her family's life was forever changed. From their hometown Kljuc, Kata and her daughter and grandson were taken to the conce...

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Prayer Diary Winter 2017

20 November 2017

Working in partnership with local churches across&nbsp;six East European&nbsp;countries we tackle poverty and injustice for people of all faiths&nbsp...

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A special report from inside Ukraine's contaminated zone

25 September 2017

Approaching the Boyko family home in Western Ukraine, the wooded landscape conceals the aftermath of the world's worst nuclear disaster, which took place 31 years ago at Chernobyl. The Bokyo family live in the outer contaminated zone, in an isolated village near<sp...

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New MWB Voice released

20 September 2017

We're pleased to release the autumn edition of MWB Voice, our self-sufficiency special!&nbsp...

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Watch our summer camp video

01 July 2017

Ever wondered what summer camp is really like...

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MWB Voice summer edition out now!

01 June 2017

Read about our work providing children and young people with access to education, opportunity and choice in the summer edition of MWB Voice.&nbsp...

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Bible study student wins poetry competition

25 May 2017

Our Bible Correspondence Course gives children and young people opportunities to learn about God and the Bible through letter writing with MWB volunteers. 1,650 children across the country take part in the course which has brought thousands to Christ and helped many gain confidence in reading an...

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Calm after the storm: an update from Moldova

04 May 2017

This week the snow has gone, the weather is bright and clear, and the extent of the damage in Moldova is becoming clearer. Unseasonal gales and snow storms battered central and southern Moldova, leaving the country's agriculture, which makes up a significant part of the country's economy, in...

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