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"Reaching people for Christ: Helping people out of poverty into a sustainable future."

Bible study student wins poetry competition

Nicoleta BCC Poetry Winner


Our Bible Correspondence Course gives children and young people opportunities to learn about God and the Bible through letter writing with MWB volunteers. 1,650 children across the country take part in the course which has brought thousands to Christ and helped many gain confidence in reading and writing. This Easter, our coordinator organised a poetry competition which was won by a young girl called Nicoleta, from an isolated community in Moldova. For the past three years she has participated in the course and our staff have watched her grow in faith and confidence.

Nicoleta says:
"I like the the course and I am motivated by the good things we learn through the lessons we receive. They help me to learn more about God and I am motivated to talk nicely and to forgive. I'm very glad that I won this contest."

Here is her poem:
Today is a big day, it's a holiday
It's Easter in our country
The whole world is celebrating, drinking and eating
Someone is dancing, others are singing.

But did they ask themselves
Who is celebrated on this holiday?
They all say, 'Jesus has risen'!
But they forget to ask themselves about it's true reason.

About His Price on Calvary
Many of them did not know and do not care
They do not know that Jesus
Died on the cross.
Giving His Own Life for us -
Unworthy and sinful people,
Who tortured and crucified Him
High on the cross we arose Him.
But His Amazing love
Does not have any limits or borders
He took our heavy sin
To be forgiven by God.
It's Easter, what a big day!
But it's not my day or yours,
It's the Lord's day from Heaven
May we never forget about it!

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