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"Reaching people for Christ: Helping people out of poverty into a sustainable future."

The void in our hearts is filled – a story of two baptisms

Baptism - 1



"It was a terrible time. A time when I lost hope as well as all my friends. I hit rock bottom. I was surrounded with darkness," Vesna said.

Vesna felt terribly alone. She had been diagnosed with bowel cancer, and then her partner left her and she lost her job. She had been crushed by financial struggles and had undergone several surgeries by the time she came to Mission Without Borders' (MWB) Soup Kitchen in Zenica, Bosnia-Herzegovina. She was amazed when the workers there spoke to her with respect and kindness despite her poverty.

Baptism - 2

Vesna was invited to church where she met people who supported her and shared the gospel with her. She began attending regularly and after one of the services, she gave her life to Jesus Christ.
Vesna said, "I didn't think that I would find a way out of that desperate situation, but Jesus gave me light. I felt so despondent, disappointed and lonely. When I came into the church I felt like the sun started shining on me, as though God saw me and patted me with His hand. If I wasn't directed here, I would have been without God's perspective and living on the edge of existence."

Vesna has now been baptized and since then, she also has a new job.

She said, "Today I feel reborn as a hollow in my stomach and a void in my heart were filled. God is almighty and it's only Him who has worked a miracle in my life. I was invited to work in the same hospital where I used to work before, but this time in a position that I'm able to do with my current health condition.

"My baptism was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I was filled with overwhelming joy. I was saved by faith and I will continue to live in obedience to Him."


Borislav's life once revolved around alcohol and marijuana. He drank every day and always had a cigarette or some cannabis in his pocket, promising himself it was 'the last one'. But one day he got into a fight with a colleague at work and lost his job. Before long he was living in poverty.

Baptism - 3

Borisalv was directed to MWB's Soup Kitchen by an ex-volunteer. Although reserved at first, he gradually opened up to staff and volunteers about how he was hoping he would get his old job back. As his relationship with them deepened, they invited him to attend a Sunday service. It had a strong impact on him and he started attending regularly and reading the Bible.

Borislav's prayers were answered and he got his old job back. At one of the church meetings, he decided to give his life to Jesus Christ.
He said, "It was only after I started reading the Bible that I understood that my life wasn't on the right path. I was gambling, drinking and taking soft drugs, but now I want to live differently. I have continued to read the Bible and I realized that all of us have sinned.

"Since I have begun knowing God personally, my life has changed. There were people around me who were telling me that I had lost my mind and that I should continue living my old life, but through the Bible I received God's guidance in my life and I understood it is the only right way of living my life."

Borislav has been involved in his church and helps out as much as he can. He has been growing spiritually and enjoying helping and giving to the people around him. On the day of his baptism, a great happiness poured over the church. One of the brothers gave a prophecy over Borislav that he would be a rock and support for many people and that he would be the one who will encourage the weak and exhausted to keep going. Through the work of MWB, a man who once lived for himself is now able to minister God's love and grace to others.