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"Reaching people for Christ: Helping people out of poverty into a sustainable future."


Children Page

All children should grow up in a safe and loving environment

We work with children who live with family members and those living in state institutions to provide them with the support they need to grow into responsible, educated and well-rounded adults.


Our projects include:

  • Out of school clubs - provide children with a hot meal, plus academic support to help them learn and grow in confidence
  • Vocational training and Scholarships - when young people graduate from school, we help them continue into either further education or learning a trade. Our ongoing support includes funding living costs, tuition fees and supplies or equipment they might need to complete their course. 
  • Dreambus  -  takes children out to gain recreational and educational expereinces they would not other have. It includes outings to the capital city, museums, parks and restaurants. Most of the children we work with have never left their village and these experiences are vital to their social and academic learning.
  • Summer Camps  -  take children away from the challenges of life at home and give them the chance to be children again. At the 10 day camps, children take part in sport, games, art and craft, and Bible study. They explore their creativity in comfort and safety, receiving counselling and emotional support from our specially trained co-ordinators and volunteers.
  • Emotional Social Curriculum  -  provides workshops to equip young people with the skills they need to find employment and live independently. It provides practical training where young people do things like go to a supermarket, learn how to manage a budget and support with making difficult choices or managing conflict.
  • Counselling and emotional support -  helps children manage emotions and cope with trauma.


All of the children we work with are vulnerable and at risk. We try to reduce that risk by giving them the resilience, self esteem and understanding to believe in a better future where they are safe and loved. Enabling children and providing them with opportunity and choice is key to all that we do.