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"Reaching people for Christ: Helping people out of poverty into a sustainable future."


Albania Page Sept 2015

Why we work here

Albania was under communist rule until 1992. The political instability that followed has had a huge impact on people's day to day lives. Albania was further affected by the bombing of Yugoslavia in the late 1990s when more than 500,000 ethnic Albanians were forced to flee Kosovo and return to Albania. The high degree of corruption in the country has prevented Albania from entering the EU. It is also a source country for the trafficking of men, women and children. In particular sexual exploitation of women and forced labour are major issues for Albania. We have an extensive programme supporting young people and families in Albania to gain financial independence and become self sufficient by using their own skills and land to generate an income. 


Key facts

The average age children stay in school until is 10 years

Unemployment is 6.1%

Poverty is 14.3%


The difference we make - Llesh's Story

"Many have left Albania in search of new hope," Llesh says, wiping sweat from his brow as he stands next to a pile of golden threshed wheat. "But because of this project, we have been able to stay."

In recent years, many in the rural areas of Albania, have left their country to immigrate to Germany in search of a better life. Thanks to Mission Without Borders' (MWB) Seeds of Hope project, however, the Coku family have stayed, and have reaped a fruitful harvest in their land.

A year ago such progress for Llesh and his family was unthinkable. He was desperate, unemployed and could not raise enough money to get bread to feed his family. His wife, Arta, was also unable to find employment and tension and arguments filled their home.

When our co-odinator met with Llesh and his family, we signed them up to our Seeds of Hope project. We supplied packets of seeds, tools, a pump sprayer, and fertilizers to help the family get started and supported them to learn how to till their land.

"Before all this, we were not happy," Arta says. "Now, we have produced more vegetables, more wheat, and more corn. There is a great pride in the feeling that we have achieved this ourselves."

As the sun beams down on the rural coast of Albania, Llesh and his family pile sacks in to the store ready to sell, there is still lots to be done before the onset of winter.