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"Reaching people for Christ: Helping people out of poverty into a sustainable future."


Moldova Page

Why we work here

Moldova was part of the Soviet Union until 1991 when it became an independent republic. It is one of the poorest countries in Europe experiencing significant foreign debt and high unemployment. Moldova relies heavily on agriculture and a large portion of the economy is supported by money sent back to the country from Moldovans working overseas. There is an active shadow economy in the country and high crime rates. MWB works closely with marginalised groups across Moldova and it is home to one of our largest programmes of work. We also deliver some activities in the disputed Trans-Dniester region of the Moldova which has demanded independence from Moldova with the long term desire to join Russia. The independence of the region is not currently recognised but Russian culture and language dominates the area. 


Key facts

The average age children attend school until is 12 years

22% of the population live below the poverty line

The gross national income per capita is £1,643


The difference we make- Oleg's story

Oleg had been a happy husband and father to a handsome boy. However the family struggled financially so his wife went to work abroad to earn extra income that would help them one day buy a house. That decision changed everything. A year later, Oleg's wife took their child with her and filed for divorce. Soon after that, Oleg's parents died and his sister committed suicide. That was when Oleg started to drink. But when alcohol wasn't enough to numb the pain he turned to drugs. After using drugs prolifically for more than a year, Oleg began to hallucinate and his mental and physical health deteriorated significantly over the next seven years.


Oleg says "I don't remember much about those times, but there is one particular day I'll never forget. I was having my second shot in the afternoon and frightening hallucinations appeared before me. I was so scared, I screamed out loud: God, if you exist, release me from this addiction. I don't know how I deserved His attention, but I felt His presence there."


The experience gave Oleg the courage to turn his back on drugs and he became a devoted Christian. It was a long journey for Oleg but through our StreetMercy programme Oleg received hot meals, access to a shower, had his clothes washed and was treated with dignity. MWB also provided him with the support and encouragement he needed to stay sober.


Oleg is now part of MWB's StreetMercy team delivering food parcels to rough sleepers. He is a living testament to others in a similar situation that their lives can change. Oleg shares his story with as many people he can, giving them hope and encouragement to break the cycle of addiction.