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"Reaching people for Christ: Helping people out of poverty into a sustainable future."


Romania Page

Why we work here

The population of Romania suffered greatly under the communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu. Despite Ceausescu being executed in 1989, Romania has continued to feel his legacy. However, the country achieved membership of the EU in 2007. Corruption is a major issue in the country and although it is starting to experience some economic growth, it is happening rather slowly. Romania is a significant transit point for heroin which impacts on crime levels. MWB has a large programme of work in Romania and was one of the first organisations to respond when the conditions for children living in state homes were first revealed to the world. The impact of Romania's orphanages continues to be felt and we work extensively with families and children in the region.


Key facts

The average age that children stay in school until is 14 years

22% of the population live below the poverty line

1% of Romania's children are engaged in child labour


The difference we make - Dumitru's story

Dumitru is 12 years old. He lives with his parents, Nicolae and Aurica and his three siblings, Mihai, Alexandru and Elena.

Dumitru is Roma and he lives in the slums of the city. His father is a street cleaner and he earns approx. £155 a month. Dumitru's mother is mentally ill and epileptic which means she is unable to work. Almost all of the money earned by Dumitru's father is used to pay for his mother's medication. While Dumitru and his brothers go to school, his sister stays home to look after his mum. Dumitru's father works extra on Saturdays so that the family can pay for electricity and food but during the winter months he cannot work extra hours. This makes winters especially difficult for Dumitu and his family.

The children love to help their parents and they dream of having jobs when they will be grown-ups. Dumitru wants to become a forester, Mihai wants to be a driver, Alexander wants to build houses and Elena wants to become a doctor - to help her mother get well.


Dumitru is a very diligent and hardworking boy. He wakes up in the morning and washes his face outside in a bucket, because they don't have a bathroom. Then, he eats what he finds and sometimes, he doesn't eat at all because they didn't have the money to buy some food the day before. Many times the children eat only the bread and the milk they receive at school and many times that is the only meal they get in a day.

Dumitru doesn't have many friends because he is Roma, an ethnic group that is heavily stigmatised in Romania. Dumitru struggles a bit at school because he has to help out a lot at home and doesn't have much time to do his homework. Dumitru is a very good and obedient boy. He does everything his parents ask him to and works from the morning to the evening, every day.


Dumitru was delighted when he had the chance to go to summer camp with his brothers (his sister is too young to attend). After the camp Dumitru said: "I had so much fun with my brothers, it is the first time we have ever done something like this. Everything was so good: the food, the people… I have made many ​​friends there and the leaders were so nice with us."    


The MWB team in Romania have provided food, clothing and shoes to the family when they are in crisis. We've also provided them with materials to insulate their home to make it more efficient and keep winter fuels costs down. Long term plans have been put in place to help the family achieve self-sufficiency and we've been able to provide Dumitru, his siblings and parents emotional and spiritual counselling to support their wellbeing. We support Dumitru and his family with their immediate and long term needs to help them secure a happier, more stable future.