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"Reaching people for Christ: Helping people out of poverty into a sustainable future."

Our Strategy

Our Strategy

Our Mission

MWB exists to reach people for Christ. We do this by working in the six poorest countries of Eastern Europe supporting communities experiencing poverty. We see our role as showing compassion and empathy to all people in a way that recognises their dignity and helps them to build their capacity to achieve self-sufficiency.


Our Values

MWB's identity is rooted in Christianity and our values underpin everything we do. They include:

-       Showing passion for Christ and those experiencing poverty

-       Commitment to our mission

-       Excellence in all that we do

-       Being accountable

-       Working with integrity


The Proble´╗┐m 

Aliona is ten years old and lives in an isolated village in Moldova. Aliona loves going to school but most of the time she can't get there because she is looking after her younger siblings.


At ten years old Aliona knows the impact of domestic violence and alcoholism. Last year, her younger brother died and Aliona's dreams of a future are constantly overshadowed by fear.

Aliona's family is typical of thousands of families across Eastern Europe who won't have the chance to lead happy, fulfilling lives because they are trapped in poverty with no access to support.

We want Aliona to be safe.

We want Aliona's family to know their life could be different.

We have a plan

We want to support families like Aliona's to overcome poverty and to ensure that their spiritual and emotional needs are met. That's why in 2015 we launched an ambitious five year strategy that affirms and consolidates our work and puts the church at the centre of everything we do.

In the UK, that means increasing our fundraising by broadening out our activities, being clear about the impact of our work and demonstrating where your money is going. It also means being efficient, making sure that we use donations in the best way and that as much as possible is spent on frontline activities.

 For more information about our strategy for growth, contact us