The conflict that began in eastern Ukraine in 2014 meant that, even before the events of 2022, Ukraine had sunk to being the poorest country in Europe.

On February 24th, 2022, Russian forces undertook a full-scale invasion. Since then, tens of thousands of people have been killed and millions of people have now become refugees in countries such as Poland, Moldova, Romania and Slovakia.

Ukraine faces an enormous humanitarian crisis. In response to the devastating effects of the war, Mission Without Borders has engaged in distributing tens of thousands of urgently-needed parcels of food and hygiene products.

The conflict has created an educational crisis: 60% percent of Ukraine's children have been driven from their homes, and it is estimated that more than 3000 educational institutions have been shelled, with 500 destroyed.

Mykola Bogdanets has been the country manager since MWB Ukraine was established in 1993, recently shared his thoughts about events in Ukraine:

"Ukraine’s war-torn economy has been plunged into crisis, Churches are in round-the-clock prayer, in church kitchens they prepare hot food for refugees and soldiers who take away thermoses with food all day. We also help evacuate women and children from Kyiv and the wider region. Today, again at 7 am, our employee Stanislav Boyko went to Kyiv to deliver food and bring back refugees who temporarily will be housed in the church and a hotel in Sarny.

"Churches of all denominations are constantly holding prayer services, asking God to protect Ukraine, to turn the enemy away from us outside Ukraine

“I thank all the dear donors of the Mission for your contribution to the welfare of the Ukrainian families, children and adults. Please pray for peace in Ukraine and may God bless you for sharing your hearts with us."

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1,500 people are fed each day

400 given shelter each day

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