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"My God is my inspiration. One of the things that I’ve learned from Him is to take care of those people whose situation is worse than mine.” - Olha

These words are so uplifting and generous, especially when they come from Olha whose own life has been so hard and painful. Olha is one of many refugees who have fled from the Donbas region since the war began and now lives in Western Ukraine. She has been in a wheelchair since she was seven years old due to cerebral palsy.

"My mother died soon after we moved,” Olha says. “I wish she was with me, but it’s not possible anymore. I’m happy that she’s in heaven … I am limited physically, but my heart and my soul are free. I’m happy that I found a new family in Christ. I thank Mission without Borders for the Operation Christmas Love parcels. I cannot thank the people who gave generously in person, but I will keep them in my prayers.”

This Christmas, Mission Without Borders want to raise funds to deliver 42,000 Operation Christmas Love boxes across six countries in Eastern Europe. It’s a huge number – but people are in desperate need especially the 12 million Ukrainians who have fled their homes since the war with Russia began.

In Ukraine we want to support people like Olha and refugee families that have fled from the east, and with your help we want to distribute 12,000 boxes of essential food in Ukraine -more than we have ever done before - to help as many as we possibly can over Christmas.

Please respond today. This crisis means we need to deliver boxes by December 2nd2022. We depend entirely on your help.


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92p in every £1 raised is spent directly on our work with children and families