Summer Camp 2024

Mission Without Borders Summer Camps only last a few days, but they have an enormous impact on the children and young people who attend them.

With war never far away in Ukraine, our Summer Camps there are more important than ever. They are a chance for children to be carefree and joyful, to play and have friends, and maybe for a little while, to forget the horrors of war.

In the words of one of our staff in Ukraine: “We cannot see children’s hearts, but we try to provide kids with the atmosphere of true friendship, trust, and acceptance.

We realise that when the summer camp is over, they will be back to their usual lives. But we believe that summer camp makes changes. And yes, we believe in miracles too.”

Lots of hard work, prayer and planning goes into MWB’s summer camps. Staff and volunteers plan fun activities, songs and games, Bible lessons, craft activities, hikes and all kinds of surprises. Each camp takes place in beautiful surroundings and there are swimming pools, sports fields, bouncy castles and all sorts of things for the children to experience. Each year we need to cover the costs of venue hire, meals, sports equipment and arts materials as well as volunteer training. We can only make these camps happen through the kindness of partners in our ministry like you.


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91p in every £1 raised is spent directly on our work with children and families