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How you can support us through prayer

Your prayers make all the difference to our work in eastern Europe

Praying for our work is a powerful and effective way of supporting what we do. Our staff, volunteers, and the pastors we partner with, all deeply appreciate your prayers: they need daily strength, wisdom and love to minister effectively to the people we support. Many of the families, children and individuals we work with are struggling with complex problems ranging from post-traumatic stress disorder to domestic abuse to long-term unemployment. We want all our beneficiaries to be set free from hopelessness and poverty – and come into the joy and freedom of knowing Christ – and prayer is what makes all of this possible. Sign up to receive our regular prayer diary, and become a vital prayer supporter of our work in eastern Europe. 

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Prayer for those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has hit every country where we work - all of our field countries and our fundraising countries. In our field countries the prices of food and hygiene items have been increasing, and the poor will feel this most severely. Sadly, long-term malnutrition can is a consequence of poverty has a huge impact on people’s ability to fight any infection. This means that those we work with are particularly vulnerable to the effects of coronavirus. If you would like to pray specifically for those affected by the coronavirus in the countries we work in, please click on the link on the right to view and download a 5-day prayer diary.

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