Delivering Aid to East Ukraine

Reflecting on those now suffering the effects of the conflict in Eastern Ukraine

Pastor Oleg has 4 of his own children and 5 adopted, as well as 5 grandchildren. Because of the war they have had to flee the country, but Oleg decided to stay in Ukraine and, over Easter 2022 he returned to work in Eastern Ukraine, to take care of his church and those who remain in the area. On a visit to our office in Rivne to take food parcels back for people in his area he reflected on the situation in the East.

"The situation is extremely difficult. We are practically surrounded and many people continue to flee every day. The shops in the town are no longer able to open except some groceries and pharmacies, but they are nearly empty."

“The situation in occupied villages and towns is awful. The Russian occupiers commit all kinds of terrible crimes there: robbing, killing, threatening, and raping, no moral principles, no compassion, no honour."

The people are in fear, they mostly hide in their basements at night and during the day. Unfortunately, life is totally paralyzed in Slavyansk and Kramatorsk.

Helping Eastern Ukraine

Helping Eastern Europe

While in Rivne, Oleg shared with the team there some of the stories he'd experienced

"I want to share a real miracle on our way from Sloviansk to the border. My friend Kostiantyn and I were driving 2 buses with children of all ages and women. Suddenly Kostiantyn’s bus wheel burst at high speed and the bus crashed into the road bumper and continued for another 150 meters.

Thanks to our amazing God no one was hurt apart from one lady who broke her arm. The Christians from a nearby city helped with the repairs and treatment and our buses reached their destination.

Another blessing for us was that since the beginning of the war, 27 people could hide in the basement of our house – our family, relatives, some church members and friends. We have had daily communion and constant prayer encouraging each other with the Bible promises.

-What can we pray for you, and what Scripture is God bringing toyour mind right now?

“For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11.

This verse encourages me at the most difficult minutes. Please, pray for my spiritual strengthening. It is a very dark, gloomy and depressive situation, and it’s easy to lose any hope. Please, also pray for God’s protection for me and all the families I take care for. We all pray for the end of this horrible war, for victory of God and for defeat of the enemy of the human soul who raised in his anger against our nation.




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