A Message from the President of Moldova

A message from the President of Moldova




Maia Sandu, President of Moldova, thanks MWB


Dear members of the Mission,

Thank you for the important work you have been doing in recent months to provide support to Ukrainian refugees after their country was gripped by war. I appreciate your dedication in offering your resources, time, and energy to help these people - most of them women, children and elderly who are away from their home against their will.

You, through your generosity, care, and openness, have offered refugees a warm, welcoming place in Moldova, a safe shelter in our country. This proves that we are a small country, but with a big heart. The generosity of Moldovan volunteers became known and appreciated, rightly worldwide.

The exemplary mobilization and organizational ability that you have showed during this period, along with other fellow citizens of ours, it gives me hope. I truly believe that together we can change our country for the better, we can build here a society that is free, peaceful and prosperous, hospitable and warm, a little corner of heaven where you want to live and build your future.

I heartily thank you! 

With appreciation,


As the crisis in Ukraine continues, Summer Camps can be a lifeline to children facing conflict and isolation.

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