Donate to OCL

Please donate to Operation Christmas Love and share the true meaning of Christmas together

Your gift of £25 today will cover the distribution and contents of one food parcel and enable a family in crisis to share with you the true meaning of Christmas and bring joy to children this Christmas. The parcel will not only bring essential food and treats, but will also reveal the real reason for Christmas – the gift of God’s love and care for them. Please respond today. We need to deliver parcels by Christmas and we won’t be able to do it without your help.

We want to support children and families like who face the extreme winters of Eastern Europe where temperatures can drop below -20°C as well as isolating poverty.

We are committed to relieve the suffering of the poor and marginalised and share the hope found in Jesus Christ. This Christmas, we want to raise funds to deliver 42,000 Operation Christmas Love parcels across six countries in Eastern Europe. It’s a huge number – more than we ever done before – but people are in desperate need following the pandemic and the conflict in eastern Ukraine, which has forced 1 million people to leave their homes and killed 13,000.