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Your gift of £25 today will cover the distribution and contents of one food parcel and enable a family in crisis to share with you the true meaning of Christmas and bring joy to children this Christmas. The parcel will not only bring essential food and treats, but will also reveal the real reason for Christmas – the gift of God’s love and care for them. Please respond today. We need to deliver parcels by Christmas and we won’t be able to do it without your help.

We want to support children and families in Eastern Europe who are facing desperate and isolating poverty as well as freezing winter conditions where temperatures can often drop below -20°C.

For instance, in a Roma village near Brezoi in Romania, you will find a collection of shacks where: “Instead of plaster walls and tiled roofs, sheets of plywood and corrugated aluminium are all that protects people from the bitter cold – and there is no snow plough to make roads accessible and safe in winter.”

Happy Child Christmas Love

Maria from Romania is delighted with her Operation Christmas Love parcel.

child in OCL box

Bringing Comfort and Joy

Christmas is a time of hardship and uncertainty for many people across Eastern Europe, but a Christmas box brought to them through Operation Christmas Love will bring the spirit of the festive season back into their lives. These parcels will contain essential food supplies, treats and gifts to help lift the pressure off families struggling with poverty at this important time of year, as well as uplifting Christian literature.

The kind of reaction they receive can be summed up by the words of these poverty-stricken children in Moldova:

“Dorina shouts happily, “Look, brother, Chocolate!” 

“Wow!” says her brother, and opens it immediately, sharing it out between the four of them. 

“Look at this – we can eat porridge tomorrow morning – I like it so much!” says Nicholae as they all happily eat.” 

Please donate now, knowing that your gift will bring a family joy this Christmas, not least because they will know they have not been forgotten.


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