"For the elderly their biggest dilemma is whether to spend money on food or firewood."

- MWB Coordinator Blazenko Soldat.

“I don’t mind working; its God’s plan for me.”

In Bosnia-Herzegovina Mara Katic, 60, rides her bike along the quiet streets blanketed in snow towards the Soup Kitchen run by the Mission in Glamoc. The war (1992-1995) tore the town apart and drove out most of Glamoc’s residents including Mara, but when it was over Mara was eager to return with her son Dusko, now 22, who has learning difficulties.

For Mara, the only work available is hard labour, working in the fields growing potatoes. “God blessed me with strength and good health so I can earn money for the two of us. Through MWB, our Lord provided me with all I need. Thanks to generous people, my son and I have a regular lunch, clothes, footwear and firewood. Thank you!”

Vulnerable people such as the housebound elderly, single parents like Mara under great stress, and children neglected by their parents, all receive loving support and a refuge at our Soup Kitchens.