“We desperately need God to show up."

MWB supports a family through poverty and war.

"No matter how hard I work, the circumstances are always too much.”

These words from Oleksandr, who lives with his wife and children in an isolated, rural area of Ukraine near Sarny, speak to the desperate hardship of daily life which was a struggle before the Russian invasion. Now, there is no safe place from Russian rockets, war is affecting everyone, and freezing winter temperatures below -20C bring additional trials. 

Oleksandr inherited a small farm from his parents, but it was in an extremely poor condition.  Also, several years ago, he badly injured his eye. Despite advice from the doctors that he must not do physical labour, he has livestock and poultry to care for, growing crops to tend and small children to feed.

Winters are harsh in this part of the world and work starts from a very young age.  At just 11, his eldest son, Stas, is, as Oleksandr says, “my indispensable assistant. I try not to ask him to do too much, but in our situation, we all must work hard.”

The family live in a tiny, one-room house in need of repair, with an outside toilet and each day is a struggle and to survive Oleksandr must also work part time as a labourer for a small wage.  “No matter how hard I work, the circumstances are always too much”, says Oleksandr. “We have always kept cows. Unfortunately, the two lead cows got sick and died. I looked after and treated the third for a long time and put all my energy into it, but she died too. This was a huge loss.”

Fortunately, the family don’t have to struggle on alone. Last year they were enrolled on Mission Without Borders’ family sponsorship programme. Since then, they’ve been receiving ongoing material, spiritual and emotional support.Sergiy is the Mission Coordinator who works with the family. “The constant attacks by Russia are causing depression, exhaustion, and anger.  A lot of soldiers – people’s sons, fathers and brothers – die fighting every day; many have been wounded and disabled.

Oleksandr’s family are Christians. They trust in God and look for comfort at the foot of God’s throne. They are doing everything possible to help – praying, donating, helping refugees and all who are in need.”

Oleksandr and his family are incredibly thankful for the support given by the Mission, and have seen for themselves how, even in poverty and war, God can provide for them. This year the impact of the war has shattered the lives of many families like Oleksandr’s in Ukraine and in the countries around it. As a Mission, with your help, we are determined to stand alongside them.  

We want to give long-term support, help rebuild churches, lives and communities. In partnership with churches in Ukraine, Mission Without Borders wants to support struggling families, and provide them with knitted blankets, warm clothing and boots as well as firewood to those who cannot afford to warm their homes.

£24 could help deliver clothing, blankets and warm footwear to a family living in poverty and suffering the effects of war.

£42 could cover the cost of 1.5 cubic metres of firewood for a family like Oleksandr’s.

£60 will help us deliver 4 boxes, two of food with items such as pasta, rice, tinned meat and vegetables, the other two of hygiene items such as soap, washing powder, shampoo, toothpaste and brush, pads and nappies.

And if you were able to make a special gift of £150, this would support some of the transportation costs of food and hygiene products, clothing and other essentials both into the Ukraine and into the surrounding countries experiencing hardship.




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91p in every £1 raised is spent directly on our work with children and families