"We are witnessing a huge need ... for God’s light to be poured out on people." - Volodymyr Brychka

"My father was always against going to church."

So explained Gloria, 19, who grew up in poverty in Moldova with her parents and two younger sisters.

At the heart of Mission Without Borders is a vision to be a light that shines in the darkness, sharing the hope that is found in Jesus Christ. and responding to God’s call to love our neighbour, enabling and encouraging the most vulnerable, who are often forgotten by the world, to lift themselves out of desperate and isolating poverty.

As Gloria grew older her father began drinking heavily and became more-and-more aggressive.

"In the first months of my sister’s life, he drove us away from home. It didn’t matter to him that it was cold, snowy and cold outside; he didn’t care about us."

Gloria's mother contacted Mission Without Borders and explained they had nowhere to sleep and our Mission Co-ordinator, Valentina, invited them to sleep at her home.

“That evening, we talked until late at night. Valentina did not stop encouraging us and she gave us the advice that we should pray.” 

Due to their desperate poverty, Gloria was enrolled on the Mission's sponsorship programme and the family were given regular food parcels and support.

But it was when Gloria went to one of Mission Without Borders’ summer camps that she had a life-changing experience.



"I felt the presence of the Lord and I saw the  attitude of the adults towards us, the children. They spoke to us with so much love. One evening at chapel, they spoke about how the best life is the one lived with God. That evening the Lord touched my heart, and I repented. I made the decision to continue with Jesus no matter what the circumstances."

"After receiving Jesus Christ, life changed radically. There were times when food at home was running out or we had nothing, and the Lord would miraculously provide for us in just in time – either through the food package from the Mission or from some other people. I really experienced how God is always with me and helping me. I thanked Him for everything I had, and I always knew when I faced a difficult situation at home that I had someone to turn to: my heavenly Father who never refuses me.

This Easter, we want to shine the light of the hope of Jesus Christ into the lives of more people like Gloria in Eastern Europe.

Through the outreach events that we hold in partnership with the local churches - providing Bibles and Christian literature to help people access God’s word - and through the prayers and communication Mission Co-ordinators like Valentina have with children and families, Mission Without Borders wants to bring both a physical and spiritual transformation in people’s lives.

We want to raise £3,581 to provide Bibles and Christian literature to children and adults living in Moldova. Most people and their families living in Moldova lack common knowledge about God and His word. There are also many people who cannot afford to have a Bible, due to poverty and lack of God-seeking. Our Bible and Christian literature project helps to fund outreach activities, develop contacts with churches and denominational leaders and provide Bibles and Christian literature.

We also want to provide funds for our developing Bible Correspondence Courses in Eastern Europe. Last year, over 9,000 people took part in these inspiring courses with many coming to know the Lord Jesus for the first time.

And finally, we want to provide support to our Christian brothers and sisters in churches across Ukraine who are in urgent need of our help.

Thank you. And if you are able to respond with a special gift this Easter, we would count it a great blessing.




Gloria dreams of being a nurse and began going to college once finishing school, but it has been a hard struggle for her family to support her.

“My mother saved money for my expenses every month, but when the day came to pay my college fees, she still didn’t have enough. I felt guilty that I was putting my family under so much financial pressure, and even thought of dropping out of college.” 

Since then, the Mission has been helping her through its Scholarship Programme, which is funded our by individual supporters. It is helping Gloria to finish her studies at medical college.  “I hope to become a good nurse”, she says, “Mission Without Borders’ support has given me the opportunity to hope for something more in life.”

If you would be interested in finding out more about helping a young person through our scholarship scheme programme, please contact us using the link below.


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91p in every £1 raised is spent directly on our work with children and families