Summer Camp 2024

“We believe that Summer Camp makes changes. And yes, we believe in miracles too.“

This Summer, we plan to take thousands of young people for a holiday of their lives.

Last Summer, 5,696 young people enjoyed one of Mission Without Borders Summer Camps. Amongst them were children directly affected by the ongoing war in Ukraine and our Summer Camps offer a respite from the stresses that face them every day at home. It is no understatement to say that, for many, our Summer Camps are the highlight of their year.

This was brought home to me last year by a photograph of a young girl in Ukraine being comforted at her sadness that her camp was over for the year. Summer Camps are a place for children to be children, to find new friends, and hear the words of hope that the gospel offers even in the darkest of moments.

So, this year, from Albania to Ukraine, we want to enable thousands more to experience our Summer Camps. As Psalm 127 explains to us, ‘Children are our heritage from the Lord’ and it is our desire to build up the children in our care so that they are not discouraged and are given the chance to flourish in His name.

Our camps are unique opportunities for young people, like Maris from Bosnia-Herzegovina, to have unrivaled fun, meet new friends, and have a chance to open up about their worries in a safe and comfortable environment away from the stresses of home life.




Maris' Story.

Quiet and withdrawn, home has not always felt safe for Maris and, as a seven-year old, she was forced to mature too early. Her mother, Iva, went through a very difficult time with her husband who is an addict, and she is now separated from him.

Iva and Maris were left deeply affected by their experiences

Iva said, “When I had Maris, I had new hope and strength. I became a different woman when I gave birth to her because at that moment, I knew that I didn't want her to go through the same things as me. I wanted to become a stronger version of myself – for her.”

When home life is turbulent, it can lead to children growing up too early. They do their best to be well-behaved and to avoid being an extra burden in an already volatile situation.

It’s easy for children like Maris to forget they are just a child, one who should have their own childlike worries, rather than taking on adult concerns; a child who should be carefree and playful, free to grow and learn.

Last summer, Maris had the opportunity to do just that. She was invited along to one of Mission Without Borders’ summer camp, where the atmosphere was very different from home. Free from stress and conflict, there was fun and food in abundance, a peaceful environment, and lots of other children ready to be friends. It was also Maris’s first time going to the seaside.

At camp, Maris and the other children enjoyed lots of fun activities, sports and crafts; took part in Bible lessons and discussion groups; and enjoyed playing and swimming at the seaside. Matea said, “Summer camp brought many new things to Maris: most importantly, new friendships, where she was part of a group of children where she was fully accepted. No one looked at her through the eyes of the problems at home. She was just a child who likes to play like anyone else, and she was given the opportunity to hear more about our Heavenly Father who loves us.”.

Please help us make the summer of 2024 a life-changing one for children if you are able to. You can be a vital partner in making these camps happen and enabling children like Maris enjoy great fellowship, create unforgettable memories, and hear the Gospel on a safe, fun filled holiday.

A gift of £24 could cover all the costs of a day’s camp for one child. It would be wonderful if you would consider a kind gift to cover one or more days to pay for a vulnerable child like Maris to attend camp.

Whatever help you can give would mean so much and, together this summer, we can share God’s love, shining the light of hope into the darkness of poverty and the ongoing war that affects so many in the region.


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91p in every £1 raised is spent directly on our work with children and families