Emergency Operation Christmas Love Campaign

Meet Oleysa's family - refugees from the conflict in Eastern Ukraine

“When we first fled, for half a year we lived on the floor in a friend's apartment.”

Olesya is a single parent and a refugee with her children in Eastern Ukraine. When war broke out, her town was on the frontline. The family had to survive without food, water and electricity while the town was steadily destroyed by the conflict. Eventually they took a chance and escaped, leaving all their money and possessions behind.

Olesya tells her children that one day they will return to their hometown and live a normal life again - she herself desperately hopes this will happen.

"When we first fled, for half a year we lived on the floor in a friend's apartment," Olesya says, "My children had to stay in a children's institutions for a while as I couldn't provide them with food. During those years, kind people were helping us and providing us with the necessities. Now we have to rent a place and it takes almost my entire income to pay the rent."

OCL 2020

Operation Christmas Love

Recently this family has been supported by Mission Without Borders and Pastor Oleg from the local church. Poignantly, Olesya's daughter recently gave Pastor Oleg a drawing where she had written:

Stop the war.

Last year, for the first time, MWB were able to help families in this war-torn region by delivering Operation Christmas Love boxes. The Mission are working with Pastor Oleg and his church who are doing their best to help families like Olesya's. Prayer is precious and he often prays with them and asks us to do the same.

"Please pray for this region!" Oleg says, "It is in a difficult economic situation, but the spiritual and psychological state of the local people is even worse. Pray that their hearts will be transformed by the light of the local Gospel."


9,500 families in Ukraine will receive an Operation Christmas Love box this year, including 3,000 in Eastern Ukraine.

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