One of the displays of his love is the help provided by MWB

One of God's displays of love is the help provided by MWB

A family in poverty in a remote Ukrainian village speak of MWB's Impact on their lives

I often think God gives people very different destinies...

The Bobyk family, one of the families enrolled on the Mission's sponsorship programme, live in a one-bedroom house with an outdoor toilet. Nadiya (39) is a mother of five and they stare at Sergiy, the MWB coordinator, as he arrives for a visit.

Sergiy is a former paramedic who has worked with poor and vulnerable communities in Ukraine for years. Now, working for the Mission, he makes regular visits to the Bobyk family. They live in a house built by Nadiya's grandfather and has hardly changed since then. Her husband suffers from depression and has struggled to find any employment. Nadiya explains:

It's extremely difficult and only my faith in God and the example of his mercy helps me and gives me strength.


She continues: "I often think that God gives people very different destinies and it can seem as though He is kinder to some people than to others. Still, I've learned so much from our life experiences and I've learned to see how strong God's grace and mercy is towards us."

One of His displays of love is the help provided by MWB...


… We regularly receive the most essential things: food, hygiene items, stationary, furniture, household items and many other things. My husband has a lot of respect for Sergiy and enjoys talking to him. Thanks to this support, he’s become more confident and industrious – and he takes more responsibility.

The family has been deeply affected by the pandemic. They own two cows and, for a while, were able to make some money selling milk in the main town, Sarny. When Ukraine imposed strict restrictions to prevent the spread of Covid-19, the selling of agricultural goods ground to a halt, and the Bobyks could not earn anything.

Over Christmas the whole family was thrilled when Sergiy gave them Operation Christmas Love (OCL) parcels. Filled with food, treats and some Christian literature about the true meaning of Christmas, the parcels make it possible for families living in poverty to have a wonderful festive celebration together.

Now, many people MWB work with are facing an ongoing struggle finding employment following the pandemic. The ongoing war in eastern Ukraine has caused great pain and worsened financial stress.

We want to reach out to more children and families than ever before and distribute boxes of food and hygiene products to those in desperate need. A gift of £15 will cover the distribution and contents of one box and enable a family in need, like the Bobyks, to share .

Please do respond now.



Operation Christmas Love boxes were distributed to children across Eastern Europe at Christmas.







92p in every £1 raised is spent directly on our work with children and families