Zinas Story

"If I didn’t do the lessons here, I wouldn’t do them at home...."

- Zina: Moldova

... At home I must feed the cow, the horse and take care of the goats.

Zina is 12 and lives with her family in Moldova. Her father died five years ago and the family struggle with poverty. Their small house is in desperately poor condition with cracked walls and rough planks of wood used for furniture. To support Zina, Mission Without Borders (MWB) enrolled her onto our child sponsorship programme, and she now goes to the local MWB After School Club for children from vulnerable families who need that extra help with their schoolwork. Our After School Clubs provide food for children and help them develop into an everyday routine for their education. Valentina, one of our After School Coordinators, explained how important this was for Zina:

Zina didn’t know how to hold a pen when she first came to school, She had hardly any clothes and no shoes. She was very shy and reserved.


Zina is now 12 and wears her hair scraped back, revealing her clear grey eyes, lively with curiosity and determination. ...

In recent months Zina has been struggling with decimal places in maths. She is rounding off decimal numbers and Valentina stops and explains to her, “Here, 2.43 is rounded to 2.4 because the last digit is less than 5…”

Valentina said, “When it came to decimal numbers, Zina was struggling to understand. So I took an apple, cut it into 2,4, and 6 and then told her the apple is the whole and the pieces are parts of it, so that she can visualise the problem more easily.” 

Zina hasn’t made her mind up on what she wants to be when she grows up – but she is full of new desires and skills. “I like finding out new things so that when someone asks me, I can help them,” she says. “Zina’s progress is noticeable”, Christina, a teacher at her school, told us.“Now, she’s always prepared for lessons and she always has the right school supplies with her.”

MWB's educational support is inseparable from our spiritual support as we seek to reveal God as our Provider and heavenly Father to the children we work with. We have seen that education along with a deepening knowledge of God and his Word can create real and lasting change in a child's life.

This year, Mission Without Borders plans to distribute thousands of backpacks full of school supplies to children in Eastern Europe as part of our Back to School programme. We can only do this through your help. Your gift can open the door to new opportunities, hopes and dreams for children like Tudor.

A kind gift of £28 could provide a backpack and school materials for a child like Zina to ensure they don't drop out of school. A gift of £50 ccould cover some of the teaching resources and learning materials used by MWB Coordinators like Valentina with the children. And a very special gift of £75 could cover some of the teaching resources and learning materials used by MWB Coordinators like Valentina with the children.



Backpacks full of school supplies are planned for distribution to children across Eastern Europe in 2022.






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