Christian charities working in Ukraine

There are many Christian charities working in Ukraine to help improve the lives of the people living amid the ongoing struggles of the war. Millions of Ukrainians have fled their homeland since the Russian invasion and have been looking to seek refuge in Romania, Moldova and other neighbouring countries.  

This devastating war in Ukraine has instigated a widespread humanitarian crisis, the like of which has not been witnessed in Europe for generations. Significant support for the displaced Ukrainian population, including women, children, elderly and vulnerable people, has been essential and has involved an international effort to counter the physical deprivation and mental trauma that this appalling conflict has created.

Christian charities acted swiftly in response to the crisis to bring help and respite to the victims of the war. The work performed by such charities includes helping to feed, house and care for the scared and vulnerable refugees. These organisations also recognise the importance of sharing God’s love in the process, an inexhaustible power that can provide a healing light in dark times. 

christian charities working in ukraine



So far the Mission has served more than 152,321 meals to refugees in Moldova and Romania, and thousands more meals continue to be served in Ukraine through our soup kitchens. Due to the dedication of staff and volunteers, we have helped more than 71,140 families with food, hygiene products, clothing and other necessary items, and provided accommodation for more than 16,673 families.


To help as many as possible, the Mission has been expanding partnerships with churches across Ukraine, Romania, Moldova, and Bulgaria. Currently there are 87 churches with whom we regularly partner, with another 129 churches given short term help such as food and clothing. We are also partnering with another 14 organisations to further increase the impact we can make with refugees.




While the world fractures in violence the Gospel is needed more than ever in Eastern Europe. As we remain committed to partnering with churches to provide material aid to those in need, so too are we committed to providing hope through the gospel. We have therefore been providing Scripture to anyone who would like it - distributing more than 9,225 Gospels of John and 600 New Testaments to Ukrainian Refugees.


Growing up in Ukraine, Pavlo's parents gave him to an orphanage straight after birth, where he experienced a tough childhood until a Christian from a nearby church adopted him. Now he is devoted and talented young man, who serves others, telling us: "I feel compassion to children in need. It is easy for us to get along because of my past. I try to influence their way of thinking, and to show them that good and happy life is possible for them."


Our work in Ukraine

Here at Mission Without Borders UK we are a Christian charity working in Ukraine to distribute food, blankets and other essential resources to those forced to flee their homes. Our teams on the ground are constantly responding to the desperate needs of thousands of refugees by serving hot meals and providing shelter for as many people as they can. 

Your donations can make a massive difference. With your help we can distribute emergency food, supplies and clothing to those fleeing war. We have been able to serve 70,000 people fleeing Ukraine to Moldova alone. We work in close cooperation with local Churches in the bordering nations taking in Ukrainian refugees, and together we are making a positive impact. But so much more needs to be done.

A gift donation of only £15 will allow us to distribute a nutritious food parcel to a family in need. Their health and wellbeing will depend on contributions like this.

Watch Elena give her first-hand account of what life is like for Ukranian refugees staying in Romania: 

Every donation is extremely helpful and the work we do cannot happen without them. Every donation not only provides for the physical needs of the refugees but also demonstrates that the world has not forgotten them and they are not alone in their struggle to cope with adversity. So, if you could support the work which our Christian charity does in Ukraine, then please donate now

Christian charities in Ukraine

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1,500 people are fed each day

400 given shelter each day

8000 Bibles distributed


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91p in every £1 raised is spent directly on our work with children and families