Bringing Christmas Love to War Torn Ukraine

At a time of inflation and financial instability, many people throughout the UK may find it difficult to celebrate Christmas in 2022 as they would wish to. But for refugees from the terrible war in Ukraine, displaced from their homes and frequently living in bordering Eastern European countries such as Poland and Slovakia, there is little hope for any joy this Christmas at all.

Over the years, Mission Without Borders (MWB) has brought food, gifts and tokens of the love of Jesus Christ to those in the greatest need throughout Eastern Europe. We call this programme Operation Christmas Love (OCL). Our OCL parcels are delivered by our charity’s volunteers and contain basic foods, toys and treats for the children. They also include inspirational Christian literature that is so needful at this time of the birth of Our Saviour.

Operation Christmas Love provides a vital link with the outside world for the destitute and poverty stricken, showing that they are not forgotten and that people care about them and their loved ones. While Christmas is a joyous festival celebrated by millions of people around the world, it can also be a very lonely time for some, especially the poor and needy.

Christmas donations

Support and Friendship

The suffering of the Bobyk family’s children is unfortunately all too frequent in war torn Ukraine. 

“Nelya and Davyd and their family live in a dilapidated one bedroomed house with an outdoor toilet in the Sarny region of Western Ukraine. The children are usually cheerful and friendly, but these days they are silent, terrified of the missile strikes.”

For the Bobyk household, the delight at the arrival of their OCL parcels is matched by the joy they feel at re-meeting the MWB volunteer who has befriended and supported them.

“Over Christmas the whole family was thrilled when Sergiy gave them Operation Christmas Love (OCL) parcels. Filled with food, treats and some Christian literature about the true meaning of Christmas, the parcels make it possible for families living in poverty to have a wonderful festive celebration together.”

The children’s mother Nadiya vividly describes her feelings about the help the family receives from Mission Without Borders: “We regularly receive the most essential things and I’ve learned to see how strong God’s grace and care is towards us.” 

Refugees with tents

Christmas donations

Christmas donations can go a long way to improving the lives of people in need during what can be a difficult time of the year for many. Christmas is about a time of loving and giving gifts, and Christmas donations can really help put a smile on someone’s face.

Our Operation Christmas Love scheme is designed to provide resources to children and families in Eastern Europe and this can only be done through the generous Christmas donations which we receive each year. 

Operation Christmas Love is now probably more important than ever before. The war in Ukraine has brought misery and fear to countless families and children like Nelya and Davyd.

  • Every OCL parcel delivered brings relief and happiness to those suffering untold hardships.
  • Every OCL parcel delivered shows that we care.

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